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sharon bialek failed to pay $7,500. new accusations against jerry sandusky for sexual abuse. man claims in a lawsuit filed today former penn state assistant football coach molested him. mann says the jerry sandusky abused him between 1992 and that to 96 starting when he was just 10 years old claims the attacks happened that jerry sandusky home in a locker room and on trips. alleged victim also says jerry sandusky treated threatened to hurt his family if he did not keep quiet about the assault. jerry sandusky lawyer no comment on latest accusation not one of the of original 8 alleged victims in our original grand jury report. occupy los angeles encampments dismantled by police to enter people arrested overnight more than 1400 police swept and circling the area outside of city hall. arrest mostly peaceful however police did burst out of city hall doors to move out of the to move the demonstrators out some officers fired rubber bullets so felt the house that suits worn and thrown out with the garbage. could the show on earth highest fine ever animal cruelty feld entertainment produces ri
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grabbed jury report raising questions how much the wife of jerry sandusky about the alleged sexual abuse of boys one of a jerry sandusky accuser said his wife dottie sandusky was home when he was being abused by the former penn state football coach in a basement bedroom of the house. accuser says he screamed for help while she was home but she never came to his rescue meanwhile the attorney says client is looking forward to meeting accusers in court next tuesday for a preliminary hearing. it >> looking forward to this in the sense he wants to see what the young man said in a court of law under oath while we are there with the ability to cross- examine that >> after more than a month of silence dottie sandusky for guest today says husband is innocent of all leckies nations facing more than 50 charges from 10 young men who say he molested them when they were children. still to come in and back on his feet due to surgical procedure for heart surgery and that meet this advertising poke fun at special way to help a group of talented chicago. tonight's medical watch story of a patient would
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charges? have not yet happened remains to be seen >> jerry sandusky attorney dawes said however he would not be fulfilling his legal obligation to his client if he did not at least discuss other alternatives. especially at the state attorney general files new charges involving 15-20 new alleged victim's and charity for boys also a second mile has settled a lawsuit one of the victims lawyer representing the victim says the second mile must obtain court approval before transferring the assets or close down. under the settlement to the victim's opportunity to be heard in court what happens to the assets worth to be about $9 million. syracuse reports for the federal authorities have the field third field search warrant for former chicago former syracuse basketball coach bernie fine who has been fired molested him under age also another connection to bernie fine wife? sports website known deadspin media reports his wife had sex with players on the basketball team. and that there might be a videotape to prove it. deadspin reports could have been going on with players since the 1980's with one
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are not enforced well enough. tomorrow jerry sandusky faces accusers for the first time in court former penn state assistant coach faces 50 counts of child sexual assault court ordered and will put bracelet preliminary hearing a judge will decide if prosecutors will have enough evidence to take the case to trial. painful charges outlined of rape and molestation sandusky denies the charges lawyer says no plea deal in the works. joe paterno remains hospitalized after breaking his pelvis and a fault called on saturday former penn state coach does not need surgery joe paterno expected to make full recovery keeping in the hospital chemotherapy treatment for lung cancers fired last month and the wake of the jury sandusky child abuse scandal. lowe's think the decision to pull advertisments about reality television show about american muslims. home improvement chain stopped advertising on the learning channel "all american muslim" program after getting complaints from a group called the florida family association the group accuses the show of spreading propaganda to hide the islamic agenda clear and prese
former coach jerry sandusky molesting a boy in that locker room in 2002. start with this today in a preliminary hearing for two of former bosses said mike mcqueary first told his father it then told head coach joe paterno. a week later told athletic director tim curley and university president gary schultz both men have been charged with perjury and failing to report suspected child sex abuse. home run king barry bonds were not spent any time in prison for his role in baseball's doping scandal fans shouted support for the major league baseball legend today leaving court in san francisco said bids for two years probation 30 days house arrest his mansion and community service. a jury convicted barry bonds of giving each case of testimony to a federal grand jury investigating steroid use by professional athletes. >> black caucus chicago city council redrawing political boundaries of the city's 50 wards. 32 aldermanic sign on to the proposal a day after the latino caucus filed its own map matching population growth at three more predominately hispanic wards and eliminated two pred
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9

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